Our first look at who’s entered!

We’ve had a really encouraging level of entries in HJ’12! We’ve got a full house of eleven plays for audiences to enjoy in April, so we thought we’d give you a tease ahead to who’s offering what!

So, let’s start with a new company to our festival! Dead Meat Productions features familiar talent for HJ audiences – Owen Fishwick has performed for  the Old Town Theatre Company (OTTC) in previous years and is now entering his own piece; ‘Prevenge’. Imagine this; what if you avenged people’s slights against you , before they slighted you? That’s the premise of this play also featuring Darren Little, who’s performed with Pewsey Vale in the past, and Matthew Clift, who’s one of the leading lights in Whole Hog Productions.

Talking of which, Whole Hog are entering a brace of plays again this year. One is an original piece by Becky, ‘Pretend to Love Me’; a hard, gritty piece about a kidnapping. Who’s loyal to whom is the question raised here. ‘The Final Act of Henry Gladstone’ is an adaptation of ‘Swan Song’ by Chekhov. It’s a very accessible play about an aging actor and a new stage manager. There’s a definite twist in the tail on this one!

As the forthcoming days and weeks progress, we’ll take a similar look at the entering plays, so keep up to date with HJ’12 by checking this blog at www.swindonweb.com/hj12. You can also ‘like’ our Facebook page, or follow us on Twitter.

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