Who else has entered HJ’12?

Another great thing about our festival, aside from the quality of the performances we see every year, is the welcoming to our stage of familiar, and brand new faces!

HJ’12 offers just such opportunities! We’re delighted to welcome back to HJ, the talents of the Malmesbury based Athelstan Players. They’ve taken a break from festival endeavours recently but it’s not that long ago that the AP’s were looking at a string of winning performances at HJ.

They’re back, with a lovely comedy, “Strictly for The Birds” by Waterhouse and Leach. We’re very happy to say that this absorbing yarn about a man, writing a theatrical piece for an all-female ensemble, will be opening our festival on Thursday 12th April!

More new faces present themselves in the shape of E=MC² Productions, from Tisbury. They’re making the trip from the south of the county to present an original piece, reflecting the history of their village. “Hallowed Ground” by Liz Coyle-Camp, is about the characters who’ve lived there over the past centuries. It’s an engrossing piece of theatre and is sure to entertain.

Finally, we’re also saying “Hello and welcome” to another group new to our stage. Swindon Act are based in the town and are bringing a piece of improvisational theatre to HJ. “Collection Day” takes place just after a funeral, at the wake of a man, loved by all. The question is, how loved – or loathed – was this man? Do we ever really know a person…?

Intriguing stuff! These three plays form just part of anyone’s reasons to come along and enjoy – and support – HJ. Up to three plays a session, for a tenner? The value for money is amazing! Please check out our How to Buy Tickets page on our website!

Keep watching out for further posts on who’s entered!

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