HJ’12: Who else is performing?

Let’s take a look at the remaining companies performing in HJ’12!

Pewsey Vale Amateur Dramatics Society are stalwart supporters of HJ and we’re very happy to welcome them back to the Arts Centre stage.

They’re presenting a brace of shows; one youth, and one adult. PVADS Youth Section are opening the Saturday afternoon session for us and, as they are the only Youth entry this year, they’ll be up against two adult performances. They’re bringing us an original piece, written by director Nettie Poweoll called, “A Modern Twist”. It’s a fast moving ensemble piece about a student surfing the net to research a project, with actors playing out her travels on the world wide web.

PVADS’ adult show is a very entertaining unpublished play by Bridget Derrett called “All Around My Pole”. It’s the story of three women who decide that pole dancing is the way they’ll keep fit, and it’s as funny as it sounds! Still a fairly young play, it’s already got itself a reputation as clear crowd pleaser when it’s performed well, and PVADS pedigree certainly lives up to the challenge, so we’re in for a good show!

The Clarendon Players are taking a slightly different turn this year. Well known for presenting comedies at HJ, the Royal Wootton Bassett company is bringing “Interior Designs” by Jimmy Chinn to the Arts Centre. It’s the story of different women, who all find themselves connected by one particular odd-job man. Whilst it’s got its undeniably funny moments, it’s also got its dramatic hues and thought provoking lines to enjoy.

Making a welcome return to the HJ stage is WADAMS; Wroughton Amateur Dramatic and Musical Society. They’re presenting “A Dog’s Life” by Pam Valentine. The clue is in the title; the actors all play dogs. Our explorations online about this play tell us, “It’s an accessible, funny and touching script, which offers good opportunities for some nice character studies by the actors. Each dog has a real personality, they aren’t just caricatures. The audience feels empathy for all the roles, and although there is plenty of light hearted laughter there is also the opportunity to shed a tear.” Great choice, WADAMS!

Last, but certainly not least, is Old Town Theatre Company. OTTC won last year and so have the honour of closing HJ’12 on Saturday night. Imagine a world where the power of advertising is so strong, that it’s legal for salesmen to set up a pitch in your living room and ‘sell at you’ until you buy! That’s the setting for “Convenience” by Scott Hunter. It’s an entertaining read, and arguably the off-piste offering that OTTC is well renowned for in both festival and regular performances.

So, there you have it; the runners and riders lining up to entertain you at HJ’12, and to see who’ll go through to the next round in the All England Theatre Festival.

Make a note in your diary and come along and join us!

Full details of how to buy tickets are on our website!

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