HJ’12 Adjudicator Announced!

We’re delighted that Robert Meadows, from the Guild of Drama Adjudicators (GoDA) has agreed to officiate at HJ’12!

Who'll win HJ'12? Ask Robert Meadows!

For those visitors who are unsure as to what an adjudicator does, let’s rely on the old football analogy! If the actors are like footy teams, practicing for matches, the festival is their FA Cup, on a knock out basis! It goes without saying, that any match needs a referee, and that’s where the adjudicator comes in.

It’s his, or her,  job to stand on stage, after all the performances have been seen that session, and give frank, constructive feedback on what’s been seen. Even for audience members who are unused to this kind of critique, it’s a revealing process. Often the audience, and performers, might be unsure as to why a certain scene didn’t ‘quite hit the mark’. Adjudicators like Robert can put their finger on it, widening the understanding of drama for actor and audience alike. This often improves future performances of the show in question. Of course, to hear an adjudicator praise and explore how a scene went well is equally rewarding!

Most importantly for HJ’12 audiences, Robert will be deciding who wins and goes on to the next round!

Robert comes to us with years of experience at adjudication. He’s adjudicated an impressive list of festivals….

♦ The Cheshire Theatre Guild Full Length Play Festival (2002-3, 2009-11)

♦ Stoke on Trent Full Length Play Festival (2003-5)

♦ NSD Full Length Festival (2005-12)

♦ Shropshire One Act Festival (2004)

♦ Isle of Man Festival (2004)

♦ ISA Schools Drama Festival (2005-7)

♦ The Guernsey One Act Play Festival (2005)

…and the list goes on! Robert’s also adjudicated for the Northern, Southern and Western Division preliminary, quarter and semi-final rounds of the AEF One Play Festival  over the eight years.

It’s good to know that Robert is a writer as well. His writing credits include:

♦ Dawn of the Crows (2011)

♦ Underwych (HLF 2007)

♦ Salt Tellers (Funded by Heritage Lottery Fund 2005)

His original adaptations include:

♦ The Rocking (1994)

♦ The Night of the House of Horrors (1998)

♦ The Death of Kings (The Shakespeare Theatre, Calgary, Canada in May 2001).

Robert’s also devised and scripted murder mystery evenings that have been performed in venues across the country.

His day job is as an arts and education trainer and consultant working with universities, schools and cultural organisations across the UK and Europe.

Robert has always enjoyed the experience of drama festivals both as a participating actor or director and as an adjudicator. He tells us he’s very much looking forward to being the adjudicator at HJ’12.

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