Scripts: How to save – and make – money?

Every so often, this HJ blog will carry useful news or information, outside the latest updates for our next festival.

This is one of those ‘extra’ items, which we spotted in the latest AETF Newsletter.

It’s about a website called

Whilst we at HJ have neither heard of, nor used,, it seems an interesting idea to learn more about.

Here’s the article, lifted from the newsletter. Have a look, and see what you think.

” ScriptSwap
Make money, save money – you have NOTHING to lose and a
lot to gain.
ScriptSwap is a brand new website that we hope will become the
eBay of the theatre world. It`s totally free to join and there are no
hidden fees, and we hope it will quickly become the place to go
if you have old scripts or need scripts for a future production.
What do you do with your used play scripts? Put them on a shelf?
In a box? Worst of all, do you throw them away?
What about when you need scripts for your next production? You
pay the full price? You loan them from a library? You don`t
photocopy, of course!
With ScriptSwap, you can post FREE advertisements for your
scripts, whether you want to sell them, loan them or give them
With ScriptSwap, you can search for the scripts you want.
And all for FREE.
ScriptSwap is sponsored by some of the leading lights in the
amateur theatre world. There`s Amateur Stage magazine (the
country`s only monthly magazine for the Amateur Theatre world),
the website (an absolute Aladdin`s cave of
everything AmDram, New Theatre Publications (whose
catalogue of over 800 plays offers free evaluation copies) and
the huge ebook site Fiction4All.
We all hate to see waste, especially if it affects the environment.
Now, you can help too, with absolutely no cost to you or your
We have reworked the site to allow you to trade in scripts in
your region or, optionally, to look at scripts from anywhere in
the world.
We have enhanced the features and soon you`ll be able to
download the entire list of adverts, perhaps to take a copy to
your play selection meetings, and to (optionally) sign up for
weekly or monthly updates on adverts.
The new website address is – (but the
old address will still work for the
foreseeable future). Membership remains totally free, as it
always will be.
All scripts traded so far and all adverts at the time of writing are
from the UK, but we hope people from other regions will start
to use the service in your region and the list of wanted and for
sale adverts will grow.
Regions available are UK/Eire, USA/Canada, Rest of Europe,
Australia/New Zealand, Asia, Africa and South America. At
present we do not know of any theatres run by penguins or
polar bears but we can add other regions as and when
necessary if the above list is too broad.
We are keen to attract sponsorship in any form (for example
banner and classified advertising), so contact us if you want
your organisation`s name to be seen by the thousands of
people who browse the free ads.
Make money, save money – you have NOTHING to lose and a
lot to gain. Go to

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