If you’re looking for a play…?

Hi All,
We’ve received an email from Cresrelles about a couple of new plays they’ve added to their stable!
If you’re still looking for inspiration, they might bring about some inspiration.
There are plenty of publishers out there, of course. If you’re looking for other sources of play ideas, why not check out the FIND A PLAY section on our website!
Remember, the deadline for entries is still 12 noon on the 1st December 2012!
If you’d like to know how to enter, just email us!
In the meantime, here’s that update from Cresrelles…
Best wishes,
All at hj1act!
Dear Friends,
We have just published two new one-act plays by Scott Marshall, both have an Irish theme and are ideal for your festival entry or general productions.
Top of the Mourning is an homage to modern Irish theatre, with a cast of 5 men and 7 women all recognisable from modern plays.
Arms Floating Like Seaweed is a bittersweet comedy drama with three superb roles for women.
Full details of both these plays and all our other publications are available free of charge on our website below.
Most of our newer publications are now available as pdfs for our customers to print off at a much lower cost than buying proper scripts, you also avoid postage charges! I am slowly working my way through our backlist as well, but with 3,000 titles available it will be quite some time before they are all available as pdfs!
If you would like approval copies of any of our titles, just drop me an email and I will either zip a pdf over to you or pop them in the post!
I look forward to helping you with your next play selection,
Best wishes,
Download all our catalogues for free from our website: www.cressrelles.co.uk
Cressrelles Publishing Company Limited
10 Station Road Industrial Estate, Colwall, WR13 6RN
Directors: Leslie Smith, Simon Smith
Registered Number: England 1074075
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