HJ1act puts actors in 2nd National Competition!

Drama companies entering HJ1act are now able to take part in not one, but two, national acting festivals!

The Harold Jolliffe One-Act Play Festival is now affiliated to the National Drama Festivals Association (www.ndfa.org.uk)

HJ1act is now affiliated to the NDFA!

HJ1act has become the NDFA’s 39th member festival, giving our entering companies the chance to progress in a second national competition.

HJ1act Festival Director, Ashley Heath, said, “This is excellent news. HJ1act is already a preliminary round of the All England Theatre Festival, and it’s only recently that one of our companies won through to that festival’s British Final. Now, with our second affiliation, our winning company is also eligible for selection to the NDFA’s British All Winners’ Festival as well! If you like your footy, this is bit like saying that entering HJ1act now enters you into a Cup Run as well as the League!”

Derek Palmer is Chairman of the NDFA. He said, “A festival with such a rich heritage within Swindon’s cultural life will complement very well the existing membership of the NDFA, and its winning team will now be eligible for selection to compete in the annual British All Winners Drama Festival, which aims to showcase ‘The Best of the Best’. We all look forward to a long and enjoyable mutual involvement.”

Ashley said this news will benefit companies entering HJ1act. “We’re already a festival that offers free entry to companies choosing to perform in Swindon. This news means that those same companies now have the chance to progress forward in a second, prestigious national competition. It gives our entrants another chance to shine at a final, full of other winning plays! And for writers of new plays at HJ1act, the NDFA also offers another original play award with a cash prize of £1000!”

This positive news builds on HJ1act’s unusual decision to abolish entry fees for each performance. Companies who enter HJ1act simply buy a set number of tickets to their performance, at a discounted price. They can then choose to make a profit on those tickets, or have their supporters enjoy the show for the same discounted price!

April’s festival will be the 66th in Swindon, since it began in 1947. It’s a great night out for audiences, as they see up to three plays in an evening, for just £10. At the end of the festival’s run, the awards night reveals who’s won Best Actor, Best Director, and Best Play.

Anyone interested in entering a play should visit: www.swindonweb.com/hj1act or email Ashley at hj1act@gmail.com. Entries must be completed by 1st December 2012.

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