How the whole ‘Enter for Free’ thing works

(Yes it really is free – and easy too!)

Oh yes it's free

 Many of our entering companies will be familiar with this system already. But if you’re new or if you’re just not sure, read on!


We’re delighted to say that to get the inside skinny on how the hj1act entry system works, we at hjHQ had a bit of a chat with the man who knows just about everything there is to know about hj1act, Festival Co-Director Ashley Heath.

hjHQ:   Hi Ashley! First let us welcome you to our new home here at hjHQ

Ashley: Why thank you. I like what you’ve done with the place!

hjHQ:   <<blush>> Aw thanks, we like it too.

So Ashley, tell us about how groups can enter hj1act for free. Is it really free?

Ashley: Yes it is! And easy too.  Here’s how it works. The first step is each entering company buys 20 tickets for the night of their performance at the face value of £6 per ticket.

hjHQ: So they have to stump up £120 to start with?

Ashley: Yes but they get that all back and, if they want, they can make an additional profit too.


hjHQ: Sounds good. Tell us more.

Ashley: Once the entering company has bought their 20 tickets they have a choice. The first choice is they can sell their 20 tickets on to their supporters at the face value of £6 per ticket. This means they get their original £120 back through the sale of those tickets. (For those who like maths that’s 20 tickets x £6 each = £120).

hjHQ:   So they get every penny of their original outlay back?

Ashley: Exactly. They’re not out of pocket at all and therefore they have, in fact, entered for free.

hjHQ:   That’s great!  And they guarantee lots of supporters to cheer them on for the night of their performance at hj1act.

Ashley: Yes, that’s right. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

hjHQ:   But there’s more to it than that, isn’t there?

Ashley: Indeed there is, which leads me on to the second choice. Entering companies can, if they want to, sell their tickets for up to the full going rate per ticket which this year is £10.50.

hjHQ:   Hang on, wouldn’t that mean that by selling all 20 of their tickets at £10.50 each (does the sums on fingers) they’d get a whopping £210 back?

Fistful of money

Ashley: Yep! So not only do they get their initial outlay of £120 back, they make a further profit of £90!!

hjHQ:   So wait a minute that’s….er….£210 minus the £120 initial outlay which is, um…er…’re right, £90!  Blimey! Can they keep all of that?

Ashley: Absolutely. That’s their profit to do what they like with.

hjHQ:   That’d certainly come in handy for helping to pay for costumes or props or performing rights fees, or transport, or, or….

Ashley: Most of our entering companies see it as a way to invest in future productions but it’s entirely up to them.

hjHQ:   Wow! [That would buy us about 70 Krispy Kreme donuts….ahem]

Ashley: We think we’ve come up with a way to enter where everyone benefits. Each entering company has the chance to make up to £90 on their ticket sales and has the added bonus of having lots of supporters there on their special night. hj1act gets to have a well-attended festival along with the special atmosphere a packed auditorium brings for everyone.

hjHQ:   Finding that initial £120 might be a bit tricky for some people though.

Ashley: Well think of it this way; if a company has four actors and a couple of crew that’s only £20 each – which they get back anyway!

hjHQ:   Yes we see your point. But what about selling all those tickets?

Ashley: Ok, let’s look at it that way again. If you have just five people in your group, each member would only have to sell four tickets each. It really is as easy as that.

hjHQ:   Excellent! So, to recap; each company makes an initial payment of £120 which THEY GET BACK IN ITS ENTIRETY with the choice to make up to £90 MORE on top of that?

Ashley: Yes, and yes again!

hjHQ:   Fantastic! Thank you so much Ashley for popping in and explaining all of that. It really is a great system. Hope you can drop by and see us again soon. [There’ll be donuts…]

And for good measure, Ashley left us a house-warming present!  Grab some popcorn and have a look at THIS FAB VIDEO.  Thanks Ash!


NEXT UP: Gunpowder, treason and plot.


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