Our reigning youth champs & Pewsey’s big weekend

Festivals are great and we all love them but one small downside is that once the plays are performed and a winning run (if there is one!) comes to an end, that’s it. The play’s over with no more chances to see it.

Most of the time…..PVADS Call to Duty

If I were to say hj1act Youth section winners, most of us would say PVADS and we’d probably also say Nettie Brown as well.  Pewsey Vale Amateur Dramatic Society, (adults as well as youth) are pretty legendary in our neck of the woods. If you haven’t yet seen PVADS and Nettie in action, come along to hj1act 2015 and find out what you’ve been missing. Until then, here’s a quick run-down:

Nettie Brown (formerly Powell) writes for, directs and pretty much IS PVADS, especially the youth section. She has been at the helm of every PVADS youth entry to hj1act since anyone can reasonably remember.  She creates superbly engaging and dynamic theatre with very talented and assured young actors whose ages range from ten to eighteen.  Each year PVADYS (as the youth team are known) bring something fresh and exciting to hj1act, this year being no exception with not one but two fabulous entries to delight our audiences. (Where do you get your energy Nettie?!)

So it’s no surprise that PVADYS are our reigning youth champions with their wonderful play ‘Call to Duty’, another storming production written and directed by Nettie. Those of us who saw it this April will remember that it’s a powerful and poignant play where the experiences of the young men who served in the trenches of the First World War are viewed through the eyes of the young people of today.

‘Call to Duty’ has won a stunning eleven awards including these five at hj1act this April:

The June Thompson Memorial Cup for Dramatic Endeavour

The Matthew Herring Award for Originality or Achievement in Technical Theatre

The Brenda Lilley Loving Cup for Best Performance by a Youth Group

The Peter English Award for Best Direction

The Charles Grace Cup for Runners Up

Pretty impressive, eh? We’re looking forward to seeing PVADYS at hj1act 2015 for more inspiring theatre.

But why are we telling you all about this so long after the event?  Apart from just getting the chance to say ‘congratulations on your amazing achievement’ once again to this outstanding group?  Well it’s because we wanted to let you know that ‘Call to Duty’ is returning to the stage for one day only, 9th November, Remembrance Sunday.

It’s all part of the Vale of Pewsey’s First Fringe Festival which is happening this weekend at the Bouverie Hall in Pewsey. Full details are at PVADS own website HERE and you can buy tickets HERE 

A great story about ‘Call to Duty’ by the Gazette and Herald can also be found HERE

Read the story of the ‘Call to Duty’ journey  HERE

So if you missed it at hj1act 2014 you now have the chance to catch this great play one last time. And it certainly proves one thing; you miss hj1act, you miss an awful lot!


NEXT UP: Remembering, lest we forget.


If you have a story you’d like us to include here in our blog, or if there’s something you’d like us to write about, let us know at hj1act@gmail.com  So long as it’s festival/drama/local theatre centred, we’ll definitely give it a look!

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