Remembering, lest we forget

Poppy Field_stretched

‘This year, Remembrance Day marks 100 years since the start of the First World War. We have never forgotten, and must never forget, the toll that war has taken and continues to take’.

The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal

It was with this in mind that three of the plays in hj1act 2014 were written and performed and as hj1act’s Remembrance Sunday tribute, we’d like to look back now at these stirring performances.

A very moving and poignant entry came from Royal Wootton Bassett’s RWB productions called ‘There Just Has To Be A Better Way’ written by Derek and Paula Clifford. This play focused on how World War One impacted not only on those who served but those left behind on the home front. We saw how three couples got through the war and how it changed them forever.  RWB Productions won the  Evening Advertiser Award for Original Production with this touching, thought provoking play.

RWB Prod_Better Way

RWB Productions perform ‘There Just Has To Be A Better Way’ at hj1act 2014

We wrote about ‘Call to Duty’ on Friday; Pewsey Vale Amateur Dramatic Society Youth’s hj1act multi-award winning play about life in the trenches as seen through the eyes of today’s young people. If you didn’t see it at hj1act 2014 then you have another chance today, click HERE for more information.

PVADS Call to Duty2

PVADS Youth perform ‘Call to Duty’ at hj1act 2014

A second, younger youth group from PVADS also performed in hj1act 2014 in ‘Of Lice and Men’ by Nettie Brown. This play depicted what it must have been like for all the lice who lived in the trenches. It gave the very young actors a chance to shine in a funny, bitter-sweet and unique look at life on the front line.

PVADS Of Lice and Men

PVADS Youth perform ‘Of Lice and Men’ at hj1act 2014

Our thanks to RWB Productions, PVADYS and all those who have brought us such powerful and stirring drama this year in a timely reminder of a conflict we will never forget.

Poppy Appeal



NEXT UP: Meet our Adjudicator for 2015!


If you have a story you’d like us to include here in our blog, or if there’s something you’d like us to write about, let us know at  So long as it’s festival/drama/local theatre centred, we’ll definitely give it a look!

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