The Athelstan Players – our reigning champions

Athelsten Players_Isolation at Eyam_winners 2014

The Athelstan Players perform ‘Isolation at Eyam’ at hj1act 2014



Read to the end for details!

But first…..

We’re very excited here at hjHQ because our reigning champions, The Athelstan Players, have just been in touch to let us know they’ll be entering hj1act 2015! The APs have a winning history with hj1act and we’re sure they’ll bring us yet another fantastic production in April next year.

After an absence of a couple of years, The Athelstan Players came storming back onto the hj1act stage this year, winning the festival outright, as well scooping the awards for Best Actress and audience favourite.

‘Isolation at Eyam’ by Joyce Dennys, is the compelling tale of how a Derbyshire village in the 1600s deals with its infection by the plague.

hj1act’s Adjudicator, Jennifer Scott-Reid (GoDA) commented on how impressed she was by this productions’ direction, acting and technical aspects.

Here’s a list of the silverware:

The Betty Peck Rosebowl for the Winning Play

The Audrey Suter Trophy for Best Adult Performance by an Actress, awarded to Amanda Duffin as Jane Vicars.

The BBC Wiltshire Audience Award – this is the one that the audience vote for which just goes to show that our audiences and our adjudicator were united in their appreciation for this play.

hj1act trophies

The Betty Peck Rose Bowl for the Winning Play at the top of the picture with the BBC Audience Award directly below.

As well as a wonderfully acted, directed and staged production, we were also really impressed by their costumes. Take a look at their photo! They certainly have a fabulous costume department and a rocking seamstress or two stashed away up there in Marlborough, from whence they hail!

APs Isolation_2014

And now….[drum roll]….. if you’d like to see the APs in action before hj1act 2015, they have their panto on this week! ‘Toad of Toad Hall’ opens tonight and runs until Saturday. Oh yes it does!  Click HERE for details.

APs Toad 2104

Check out the Athelstan Players website HERE 

They also have a Facebook page with lots of news and information which is HERE

We’re very happy they are returning to hj1act 2015 to defend their title as reigning champions!


*Entry pack requests are flying in so if you haven’t done it yet, email us at and get yours today!*


NEXT UP: Meet the Team: Ashley Heath


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