hj1act winning plays published!

With just days left before our entry cut-off date, anyone still searching for a play might do worse than to look to our own back yard: superb plays, penned by local writers, festival award winners all and now they’ve been published!

First we look at two plays we featured just a few days ago HERE

Both plays have been published by Roister Doister Publishing which you can find HERE

Funny Ha Ha! by Matthew Clift and Becky Cann

Funny Ha-Ha

hj1act Awards:

Betty Peck Rose Bowl for the winning production

The Audrey Suter Trophy for best adult performance by an actor (Darren Little)

The Audrey Suter Trophy for best adult performance by an actress (Becky Cann)
Swindon Advertiser award for Best Original Play
The Joan Cheshire Cup for Mercia Division Western Area  Quarter Final Winners
Mercia Division Western Area Edward Taylor Trophy  for Acting (Becky Cann)
Mercia Division Western Area  David Bushby Trophy for Best Direction (Matthew Clift)
Selected for Performance at the National Drama Festivals Association British All Winners Festival staged at the Carlton Theatre, Teingmouth in July 2013.

“We laugh when happy we laugh when sad to disguise the true feelings we really have”

One circus clown facing his own mortality and another trying to find the laughs again. When thrown together they play out an absurdist game that looks at the light and dark side of comedy and tries to find the answer to the biggest question of all…”why are we here?”

Funny Ha Ha! is Eric and Ernie meets Vladimir and Estragon as tricks, routines and philosophical discussions fill the stage until the unexpected conclusion. Winner of 9 awards at the All England and Oxfordshire Drama Network Festivals as well as appearing at the NDFA All Winners Final in 2013.

Genre: Modern / Comedy / Existential

Total Cast: 2 [M1, F1]

Play Length: 30min – 40min  (Dependant on direction)

Amatuer Rights: Available

Professional Rights: Available

Per Performance: £30 (Amatuer)

                            : Box Office % (Professional)

 Price per script: £7.99 (RRP)

                           £5.99 (Roister Doister Shop)

This play is also available on Amazon HERE

Whole Hog_6


Wetwork by Darren Little


hj1act Awards:

The Charles Grace Cup for the Runners Up

Peter English award for best direction (Matthew Clift)

“Wetwork or wet work is a euphemism for a murder or assassination, alluding to spilling blood.”

Wetwork sees two low level hit-men await their next assignment, but when they find themselves standing over the body of a man that’s not meant to be there and dealing with a mysterious femme fatale, they are in for a rough night.

Hilarious, gruesome, dark, and often disturbing Wetworkpremiered in 2012 at the Swindon Arts Centre UK and was nominated for Best Original Work at the HJ1Act Festival. Ideal for one act play festivals across the globe and easily adaptable to suit any theatre company’s needs Wetwork is a killer of a play.

Genre: Modern / Black Comedy

Total Cast: 4 [M3, F1]

Play Length: 35min – 40min (Approx.)

Amatuer Rights: Available

Professional Rights: Available

 Per Performance: £30 (Amatuer)

                            : Box Office % (Professional)

This play is also available on Amazon HERE

Whole Hog_7

The third play is another we featured recently HERE and has been published by Lazy Bee Scripts which you can find HERE

Call To Duty by Nettie Baskcomb Brown


hj1act Awards:

The June Thompson Memorial Cup for Dramatic Endeavour

The Matthew Herring Award for Originality or Achievement in Technical Theatre

The Brenda Lilley Loving Cup for Best Performance by a Youth Group

The Peter English Award for Best Direction

The Charles Grace Cup for Runners Up

Call to Duty is a one-act play in which a teenager’s obsession with console games leads into a vivid experience of World War One.

Cast: Minimum of 5F, 10M, 1 Either.  Estimated run time: 54 minutes.

PVADS Call to Duty2

It’s great to see talented local playwrights getting the recognition they deserve. It’s even more exciting when you consider they have many more plays already written as well as those to come in the future. We’re sure it’ll only be a matter of time before we see them in print too.

* * * * * * * * * *

COUNTDOWN:  3 days until our entry cut-off date, 1st February.


NEXT UP: Entry cut-off date!


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