The British Final this weekend!

The festival year reaches it’s climax this coming weekend with the British Final in Bracknell!

British Final Flyer Cropped 2

Friday evening:
Representing England
Total Arts Community Theatre with ‘The Tale of Tilly Miller’ by Peter Machen
Representing Wales
The Cardiff Players with ‘The Obituary’ by Phil Nash

Saturday evening:
Representing Northern Ireland
The Holywood Players with ‘The Future of Life in Death’ by Mick Thompson
Representing Scotland
The Kirkintolloch Players with ‘Her Slightest Touch’ by Torben Betts

Full booking details are available from the AETF website or the British Final website

English Final Recap

In case you missed the news about how The Athelstan Players got on at the English Final, here’s a look back at how it all went.

The AETF Grand Final, held on Saturday 6th June in The Harrogate Theatre, saw four companies from across England  compete to become English Champions. You can read our story about the entrants and their plays HERE

The Athelstan Players had won through to reach the final, which you can read about HERE

hj1act 2015 champions The Athelstan Players’ winning streak came to an end in Harrogate when Total Arts Community Theatre from Tamworth became English champions with ‘The Tale of Tilly Miller’ by Peter Machen. Despite not selecting the APs to win through, the adjudicator Robert Meadows of GoDA praised their production as a worthy final entry. ‘I’ve read the play’ said Robert, ‘and you still managed to surprise and amaze me. Thank you’.

Megan Mills, who had stepped into the role of Frances just three weeks before, was congratulated for her quick adoption of the role and the accent. ‘She brought out the humour of the role and delivered a nice cameo performance’ said Robert.

Robert went on to praise Natasha Gray’s portrayal of Pat saying ‘she showed distress and rejection very subtly and believably’. He described Natasha as ‘a lovely mover’ saying she moved well about the stage and particularly highlighting her coquettish French interpretation of a young fan of Jet’s. Robert also praised Natasha for her upstage projection, an issue he’d highlighted with companies performing earlier on the large Harrogate theatre stage.

Robert was impressed with Bob Charman’s portrayal of Jet saying he had ‘great timing’ and that these two actors were a great double act. ‘I was surprised by their honesty in acting those moments of closeness’ said Robert. He also mentioned the shape of the blocking saying ‘the movements around the stage were believable and justified’.

A huge WELL DONE to the Athelstan Players for their great success in getting all the way to the English Final. I know they will want to join us in wishing all four teams the very best of luck at the British Final this weekend.

And there’s more…..

The NDFA British All Winners Drama Festival will be held in Woking 19th – 25th July to round off a great summer of one-act play festival drama. More details to come when we get them!


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