Announcing our 2016 line-up


We are very happy to announce our line-up for 2016 and pretty tasty it looks too.

Drum roll……..

Thursday 14th April

Lechlade Players
‘The Tempest’  by William Shakespeare, (an extract), directed by John Williams

The opening scene – Miranda begs her father Prospero to calm the tempest. Prospero decides to tell Miranda his life story. He reveals that he was once the Duke of Milan.

Jackrill Theatre Company
‘(Ab)solution’ by Helen Ackrill, directed by Stu Jackson

Three brothers go to confession, each admitting a sin against the same woman. Michael, the eldest, is a family man and a secret sex addict; the middle brother, Alec, is a mummy’s boy confused about his sexuality; the youngest, Ryan, is a rebel who has anger issues and a drug dependency. Michael and Ryan add fuel to existing sibling rivalry when Alec introduces the free-spirited Fiona as his girlfriend, with dire consequences. Secrets are revealed and family loyalty is tested in this drama about lust, religious guilt and deceit.

Athenaeum Limelight Players
‘Loose Threads’ written and directed by Marc Cox

Set in the present day, the play looks at what makes us and what breaks us, in a world that may not always be what it seems. Is there a moment that defines us, or are we made up of many threads that reveal the tapestry of our life? What would you change?


Friday 15th April

Pewsey Vale Amateur Dramatic Youth Society
‘The Laundry Room’ written and directed by Nettie Brown

The Laundry Room is a dramatisation based around true facts and figures taken from censuses from 1841 – 1911 from the Pewsey Union Workhouse, the Masters Journal from 1919 – 1920, reports in the Marlborough Times from 1904-1911 by the Pewsey Board of Guardians.

Lechlade Players
‘The Proposal’ by Anton Chekhov, directed by Andrew Pritchard

Two landowners, one errant daughter. And they haven’t even discussed property or dogs yet. What could possibly go wrong?

RWB Productions
‘So What Would You Do?’ written and directed by Derek Clifford

An unexpected rain storm leads to a series of events that leaves a wife and mother with an impossible decision to make. She is isolated, not knowing all the facts, will she stick to her story or tell the truth? What would you do?


Saturday 16th April

Pewsey Vale Amateur Dramatic Society
‘Watching the Magpies’ by Les Clarke, directed by Martin Clifton

Dottie, although not a qualified carer looks after her friend Rose. They live together in a home which has recently been sold for redevelopment and they’ve been told they have to move out. Rose’s illness is becoming worse and the council are having difficulties in rehousing them.

Quirky Bird Theatre
‘Tusk, Tusk’ by Polly Stenham (an extract), directed by Anna Friend

Three children, Eliot, Maggie and Finn are alone in a new flat, surrounded by boxes. Their mother has gone missing, not for the first time.


Tickets are on sale at the Wyvern Theatre Box Office HERE or by phoning (01793) 524481

Group and multiple night booking offers are available so get your tickets NOW!!


COMING SOON:  Our reigning champions tell their stories and we get to know more about our entering companies as they prepare.


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