The Bishopstoke Players are back!

Bishopstoke Players perform ‘Nothing You Can Say’ by Peter Yates

We are so happy that the Bishopstoke Players are coming back to perform at our Special Seventieth Festival. We first welcomed them in 2015 (click HERE to find out more) and now they’re back with a brand new play ‘Nothing You Can Say’ by Peter Yates who also directs.

Tell us all about it Peter!

‘Bishopstoke Players  (twixt Winchester and Southampton)  love to chase out drama festivals annually from Woking, Spelthorne, Maidenhead, New Forest, Elmbridge, Henley and the delightful Harold Jolliffe festival around Swindon –  not only does our cast and crew of all age groups enjoy their chosen pastime but they also learn so much from performing on different stages, different conditions, different adjudicators with their constructive comments and meeting other actors and watching other plays. It also brings folk together in so many ways.

We tend to focus on social dramas as the author, me(!) can’t write comedy, so for the cast it’s conflict, character and emotion all the way – don’t think it does them too much harm as they keep coming back for more!

Rehearsals are once a week where everyone is involved in developing the play with their ideas but understands the director makes the final decisions. This time we read four scripts, one on adoption and social workers, one on police investigating a baby snatch, one a jewellery raid and this one, ‘Nothing You Can Say’ about a celebrity accused of child abuse. We hope that audiences will always find something they can identify with (well, not robbing jewellers!) and if we can make them think about the storyline for a moment, then we hope we are relating something worthwhile.

Bishopstoke Players perform ‘Nothing You Can Say’ by Peter Yates

I would like to say we hope to entertain as well, then some of our themes may not be classified as ‘entertainment’ in the true sense of the word. What we have come to understand is that audiences like to have a definite conclusion and on that level realise one of the most important aspects of a play is that an ending satisfies the audience’s expectation.

We are really looking forward to participating in this 70th anniversary festival at Royal Wootton Bassett and hope that the considerable time and thought that goes into producing a drama festival receives the public support it richly deserves.’

Bishopstoke Players perform ‘Nothing You Can Say’ by Peter Yates

Thanks so much Peter! And yes, please do support all our wonderful teams at this very special event!

Bishopstoke Players will perform ‘Nothing You Can Say’ on Friday 31st March so don’t miss out – get your tickets today!

Click HERE to book them online or go to and click on the BUY TICKETS button.


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