PVADYS return with their seventh original festival play

PVADYS perform ‘Pond Life’ by Nettie Baskcomb-Brown 2017

We are delighted to welcome back the amazing PVADYS (Pewsey Vale Amateur Dramatic Youth Society) who bring us yet more of their particular magic with another youth play from the pen of director and published playwright Nettie Baskcomb Brown. Welcome to our Special Seventieth Nettie! Tell us what you’ve got in store for us…

‘So this is it – PVADYS are taking on another year of festival competitions – both as part of the All England Theatre Festival, at the Harold Jolliffe One Act Play Festival in Royal Wootton Basset on Saturday 1st April and also by invitation we will be performing this Friday at the Woolstore Theatre in Codford.

For the past 12 years, starting (and winning) with a great play called A Dog’s Life in 2005, we have had outstanding successes in the festival competitions – beating many other youth groups and adult plays to treasured trophies for dramatic content, technical achievement, directorial skills and best actor awards. I guess the biggest achievement was for Call to Duty, performed in 2014 which got through to the national semi finals and won 21 awards along the way!

This year PVADYS are performing another play written by director Nettie Baskcomb Brown. This is her 7th original festival play for PVADYS (3 of which have been published).  The play is called POND LIFE – a  funny, quirky, light-hearted play about…well… a pond!

PVADYS ‘Pond Life’ 2017

The inspiration for the storyline came from the author’s conversion of an old derelict swimming pool into an ecologically friendly natural pond (in which she and her dog swim!).

Initially the pond was populated by a few plants commandeered from a variety of sources and planted around the shallow end of the pool. In what seemed an incredibly short space of time – new inhabitants appeared – first it was water snails – thousands of them – then came tadpoles, pond skaters, damsel flies, bees, dragon flies and newts. One day a huge balloon of tiny eggs appeared, floating in the pond – water boatmen – millions of them!  Now lesser water boatmen are vegetarian and help keep the balance in the pond. But true water boatmen known as back swimmers are carnivorous predators!

How was the pond going to support these newcomers? Would they upset the whole balance of the pond? It was a dangerous invasion! The plants and amphibians disagree on their course of action – what will be their solution?

PVADYS ‘Pond Life’ 2017

Nettie realised that this was exactly the scenario that was currently facing Europe with potential mass influxes of refugees from war torn countries and felt it could be a good opportunity to investigate how to deal with such a crisis and to ask the question of her young performers.

PVADYS ‘Pond Life’ 2017

We are introducing another very young cast to the joys of performing in a festival environment, with only two cast members having performed before for PVADYS. It has, as always been a long journey but we hope you will enjoy both the play and the performances.’

PVADYS ‘Pond Life’ 2017

Thank you Nettie! We’re very excited to see ‘Pond Life’ at our Special Seventieth.

PVADYS will be performing ‘Pond Life’ at our Saturday Matinee which starts at 2.15pm on 1st April. Don’t miss out – get your tickets today!

Click HERE to book them online or go to http://www.swindonweb.com/hj1act and click on the BUY TICKETS button.


Up Next: RWB Productions bring us their new play!


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Celebrating 70 years of the Harold Joliffe One-Act Play Festival  1947-2017  


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