RWB Productions bring us their new play

RWB productions received a play catalogue through the post this week. It was from Cressrelles and inside was listed their published script from hj1act 2014 ‘There Just Has To Be a Better Way’. 

The group was formed especially to perform the play written by one of the founding members Derek Clifford.

RWB Productions perform three times a year in a very different setting. A railway carriage on the Blunsdon and Cricklade Railway where they present murder mystery evenings. These evenings are great fun for actors and audience alike. “We change the theme of the evening each time so it is a lot of preparation it that’s part of the fun”  

“Then its back to the serious side of drama with a production for festival”. Following their  success at hj1act 2014, Derek continues to write plays for the group and his wife Paula is dramaturge- that means she edits the scripts and does any necessary research. “This part of the process can take much longer than the original writing. The research can uncover all sorts of interesting information and can at times reshape the script”

Both Derek and Paula also direct but this year Paula is directing their entry

Mark Twain said “write what you know”. This is also Derek’s philosophy and is true of this year’s play. “However to tell you what Derek knows will give a way too much of the story. What we can tell you is that four strangers find themselves in a waiting room. They do not know why they are there but while, with surprising frankness, they discuss their lives, the reason becomes apparent”

To find out more you will have to come along to hj1act on Friday 31st March!


Click HERE to book tickets online or go to and click on the BUY TICKETS button.


Up Next: Lechlade Players bring us a trio of treats!


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