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animation03The Harold Jolliffe One-Act Play Festival is the latest incarnation of an event which has been hosted in Swindon since 1947!

This Festival celebrates Swindon’s great drama talent. Whether it’s comedy, drama, farce or new writing, they all come together in the first round of two national play competitions.

Think of it like an FA Cup for Actors!

Two, or three, plays a session are judged on categories like acting, set and technical issues.

Trophies are awarded for best actors and, most importantly, best play!

Our winning play, and runner up, will go forward in the All England Theatre Festival. This is a national drama competition. We’ve had one of our winning teams go all the way through succeeding rounds to represent England at the AETF British Final!

If that’s not enough proof that the standard of performance you see at hj1act is impressive, our winning team is also eligible for selection to the National Drama Festival Association’s All Winners’ Final!

If you’ve never been before, here’s our tip. Come on the first night of any hj1act and see if you like it. We’re sure you will, so try it a second night! Once you’ve done that, you may as well come back again because you’ve already earned yourself a discounted ticket for that night! And, you’ll know exactly why everyone’s excited about the winning play because you’ll have seen it!

Oh, and if you’re wondering why hj1act is so named Harold Jolliffe, we’ll tell you! It’s named after Harold Jolliffe, who was appointed Chief Librarian and Curator of Swindon Borough Council in 1946. A post he held for 23 years! Along the way, he oversaw the opening of the country’s first dedicated municipal Arts Centre, here in Swindon.

Coming along to hj1act is really good value for money; exactly what Harold, and thousands of theatre goers over the years would have wanted!


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